Jennifer Broadway

Jennifer Broadway , 2 days ago

Today (11/30) will be the LAST DAY of after school tutoring @ Alma Spikes. We are beginning to run into staffing shortages and are also trying to reduce the number of contacts across Alma campus. Thank you for your help and understanding!

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Shawn Carter

Shawn Carter , 12 days ago

We have officially made it to Thanksgiving break without closing Alma Spikes for an unscheduled day.

We are currently preparing for school after the break. I have asked all teachers to send home Chromebooks and materials so students will have them at home. Obviously, students do not have assignments to complete over the break but with rising Covid cases in the state, I want us to be prepared for virtual classes if necessary.

Thanksgiving is designed for family gatherings and spending time with loved ones. Please be careful and take precautions as needed, to ensure a peaceful and healthy return to school after the break.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to the building on November 30, 2020!

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Shawn Carter

Shawn Carter , 14 days ago

Alma Spikes Cohort Redesign:

We have been working with the design of small groups (cohorts) within each classroom. The intent was to limit the point of contacts to the smallest groups necessary. We have followed this approach as much as possible to this point.

Last week we used the approach to limit the number of people needing to quarantine in a Kindergarten classroom but within a week another student in the room that was part of a different cohort and wasn’t quarantined, tested positive. We cannot be absolutely sure that the second positive was contracted in the classroom, but we also cannot rule out that possibility.

Therefore, we are making a fundamental change. Each classroom is now it’s own cohort. If a positive case appears within a classroom, that entire room will have to be quarantined.

Teachers are still encouraged to use social distancing within the classrooms to hopefully limit actual contact or the spread of any illness. Teachers are being instructed to closely monitor their contact to other individuals within six feet for fifteen minutes over a twenty-four hour period. We will always want to err on the side of caution and be proactive with any positive cases identified.

We understand that this may increase the number of students and staff that have to be quarantined as an unfortunate side-effect. However, the safety and health of students and staff should be the first issue of concern.

Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter.

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Jennifer Broadway

Jennifer Broadway , 15 days ago

Reminder that tomorrow (11/18) is Lifetouch picture retake day for Alma students. Virtual students can come any time between 10-11 AM.

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Shawn Carter

Shawn Carter , 15 days ago

iPad found on Highland Blvd. It was turned in to the Alma Office. Access code required to collect the device.

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