What exactly is esports?

Esports stands for electronic sports, not to be confused with video games, because it's much more than that. What sets it apart is the level of organized competitive gameplay between teams and its own strict set of rules and guidelines.

Esports is about teamwork, communication, strategic thinking and leadership -- in all the same ways that traditional sports are and then some. It's time to expand the definition of an athlete.

Today, esports is growing exponentially with 400 million fans worldwide who repeatedly pack out arenas. A recent survey shows that 72% of American teens play video games regularly. Currently, there are nearly 200 colleges and universities offering esports scholarships. Establishing esports in high school enables students to do what they love and provides them with additional opportunities to earn scholastic recognition.

Benefits of Esports

Character Development

Students build character and develop discipline, self-esteem, patience and sportsmanship through weekly practices and gameplay.

Community Building

Students will develop a sense of belonging, meet new friends and have school pride by playing on a team with classmates.

Teamwork & Leadership

Students will learn how to communicate better and become leaders as they compete and work together as a team.

Strategic Thinking

Students will compete in intense and fast-paced real time strategy games where they will need to quickly problem solve and adapt to win.