The Virtual Day that was scheduled on the school calendar for Wednesday, September 16, 2020, has been rescheduled for Wednesday, September 23, 2020. Virtual Days were added to the school calendar to allow the teachers and students a practice day for virtual learning before we are possibly forced to pivot to virtual learning. This would give our technology team a chance to identify and correct issues with the network, teacher technology or chromebooks. 

On Virtual Days, we are asking parents to keep their students at home to practice being “virtual learners” for the day. Students will be counted present when they log in to their regularly scheduled classes virtually. If your student(s) encounter difficulties and cannot log in, please send a note when they return to school describing the problem. We fully expect there to be unforeseen issues since we have never tried to do this before, but please be patient as we are working out the kinks. If it is not possible to keep your student(s) home on that day, you can bring them to school for the day. Buses, however, will not run on Virtual Days

You will be able to order lunch for your student(s) on Virtual Days by following this link to our webpage. On the form just indicate the day of the week you are requesting lunch for your students. Parents will be required to pick up lunches at each school at 10am on that day. There will be no deliveries. 

Pocahontas School District “Virtual Days”:

            September 23, 2020

            October 23, 2020

            October 26, 2020