Redskin Esports - State Championship News

Madden21 (PS4)
Owen Rowe, a PHS senior, has earned a ticket to the Arkansas AAA Madden21 Esports Championship game next Thursday after last night's win against Jonesboro.  Owen finished tied for 2nd place at the end of the regular season (6-1) and was placed as the 3 seed in the State Playoff bracket.

He faces the 1 seed from Cabot HS next week. You can see his Playoff bracket below. They only took the Top 16 teams.

In Esports, there are no conferences. Schools of all sizes play one another. Owen has defeated schools like Southside and Northside (Fort Smith), Cabot, Mineral Springs, Mena, and Jonesboro.

League of Legends (PC)
Our League of Legends team also made it to the State Playoffs this year after ranking #14 in the state after the regular season with a record of 10-4. They fell short in the first round losing to the Northside Grizzlies. The state playoffs for League of Legends takes the top 32 teams in the state. There were over 70 Varsity Teams this season in Arkansas. Redskin Esports League of Legends have made the state playoffs 6 consecutive seasons. That is every season since our program began. This team is young and has several more years together. We have several more 7th and 8th graders coming up as well.
League of Legends is a 5v5 team based multiplayer strategy game.

Current Members of Team Phoenix (LoL)
Gavin Roberds
Jon Bailey
Zachary Young
Lindsey Stimatze

Haidyn Hand
Audra King
Sara Bailey

Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Nintendo Switch)
Super Smash Bros Ultimate is relatively new to our lineup. Our Smash Team just missed the State Playoffs this season. They are looking for a spot in the Playoffs for the Spring 22 season.

Other News
Other titles offered by Redskin Esports are Rocket League, FIFA21, and new to the Spring 22 upcoming season..... Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. 
We are always looking for new players age 13+ in grades 7-12. For Varsity play against other schools, students must be in grades 9-12.
Our program meets every Tuesday and Thursday afterschool until 6pm for practices and matches during the school year (Wednesdays are for Smash matches only). There are two seasons per school year. One in the Fall and one in the Spring.
For more information please email

If you see any of these students, please congratulate them on their accomplishments this season and wish them luck in the Spring!