Bakery Basket

Annual Child Nutrition Association Chapter 1L Roll Sale

Please Place Orders by November 11th

Hot Rolls(white)-$5.00 a dozen or 2 dozen for $8.00

Wheat Rolls-$6.00 a dozen or 2 dozen for $9.00
Cinnamon Rolls-$6.00 a dozen or 2 dozen for $9.00

Extra Cinnamon Roll Icing- $1.00

White and Wheat rolls come frozen (heat and serve). The
cinnamon rolls come uncooked and frozen.

You can place your order with any of the Pocahontas School Cafeterias!

Phone 892-4573
Cafeteria extensions are:

MD. Williams-2030
Jr. High-3030
High School-4030
Please leave us a message if no one answers.

This is an annual fundraiser to help needy families in our school district.   All Sales and monetary donations are appreciated.

Orders will be ready for pick up on November 18th.