Monday, May 3rd

It’s what’s for lunch:  Pork n Waffle French Fries, Pickle Spear, Baked Beans, Crackers, Fruit & Milk

STUDENT MEALS FREE OF CHARGE!  Now through the end of the school year May 2021!  (Breakfast and Lunch).  However, there is a charge for extra milk or extra ala carte items. 


As of Monday, April 5, 2021, wearing a mask will be an option and not a requirement in the Pocahontas School District. Wearing a mask is an individual choice for families, staff, and students. The change from mandatory to optional mask wearing will be observed in all classrooms, lunchrooms, hallways, and buses.We expect that acceptance and understanding will be demonstrated to those who choose to continue to wear a mask just as we expect the same for those who choose not to wear a mask. 

Schools are still responsible for responding to confirmed cases within the school district, and identifying close contacts/quarantines. Under this updated guidance, there are factors that change prior rules for quarantine.

 ○ Schools with mask mandates that promote proper mask wearing may now exempt individuals from being identified as close contacts in K-12 schools if both the confirmed and exposed individuals are properly masked. 

○ Schools without a mask mandate will follow traditional quarantine guidelines. 

○ A fully vaccinated individual does not need to stay at home following close contact exposure to a test-confirmed individual if certain conditions are met 

○ Individuals who previously have had COVID-19 and recovered and are within 3 months of their original diagnosis may not have to quarantine. 

The Board wants to make it clear that all other COVID-19 safety practices that have been in place will continue. The only safety protocol being addressed by their decision is masks. Masks may still be required at events in other districts in which we are guests. If this is the case, we are expected to follow the rules of the district in which we are visiting.

2021 Yearbooks on Sale-  pre-order for $45.00.  Purchase at school with cash/check payable to Pocahontas High School.   

2020 Chieftain Yearbooks are available for $45. E-mail Ms. Crutcher for more info.   

4th Nine Weeks Learning:  Please remember to make changes in your learning status you must notify the office prior to change.  The fourth nine weeks began Monday, March 15th 

~~~If you are virtual and want to return to onsite, please email or call the office 870-892-4573 ext 4002. 

~~~If you are onsite and wish to go virtual, a parent must call the office  at 870-892-4573 ext. 4002 so that we can discuss the expectations of a virtual student in regards to attendance, grades and internet access.  

Students: Please remember that you need to sign in at the office if you arrive after the 8:00 a.m. tardy bell and you must ALWAYS sign out in the office if you check out before the end of the day! 

***Students please remember in the morning before school you are only to be in the front of the building or in the cafeteria.  At 7:40, students are to go to their classes and are not to be gathering in other areas on campus  and to abide social distancing guidelines.  

HAC has a new URL address…  

Make sure that you are not trying to use an old bookmark, icon, or favorite. If you have one of those, delete it and redo them so they have the new (tac20) instead of (tac40) address. If you had the tab/website open before changes were made, you will need to refresh to get to the new site so just close the browser/tab and reopen it.  Your password should work with the new address but there is also a link to reset.  Your new password or an access code will be sent to your email address. This applies for students and parents.  Parents must have an email address listed in order to get into HAC.  For parents who do not have an email address listed, please call the office and we will put your email address into the system so you can access HAC.  


In an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus within our staff and student body we are asking all parents/guardians, and all employees to notify our designated Point of Contact immediately when the following occurs: 

  • Someone in the household has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Someone in the household has been identified as a Close Contact to a positive case of COVID-19 and is requiring quarantine and/or recommended to be tested for COVID-19.

  • Students attending on-site and employees who are being tested for COVID-19.  If symptomatic, students/staff should remain in quarantine pending results of their COVID-19 test.

Please call Marlo Wardlow at 870-810-7409.  Please leave a voicemail if there is no answer.  You can email general questions or updated information to  

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Together we can help keep our Pocahontas School District family safe, healthy and ready to learn during this unique time.

ATTENTION:  If you are under quarantine or test positive for Covid, you may not attend any school events on campus.

Just a reminder: We cannot accept outside deliveries (flowers/gifts). Lunch/food deliveries are also not allowed.  Students who normally bring lunch will be required to eat in the cafeteria should they forget their lunch. There is a doorbell on the front door in which we will interact with parents, counselors, visitors, etc since we cannot allow you into the building. 

Students please remember only water in clear plastic bottles are allowed in classrooms.  No other drinks are allowed.   

Student Parking:

~~If you drive and park on campus, you should have a parking hang tag.  $3.00 to purchase

~~Do not back into parking spots- You must pull through.

~~Due to the low volume of students parking on campus, sophomores can park in junior parking (the parking lot next to the business building). 

~~Once you arrive on campus, you are not to sit in your vehicle.  You need to exit your vehicle and come into the building.  

Virtual Student Parking:

~~If you come onto campus during the school day for athletics or band, you need a parking pass.  You also are to park on the high school campus and not at the junior high.  

STUDENT PARKING:  Due to the low volume of students parking on campus, sophomores can park in junior parking (the parking lot beside the business building.)  

After school tutoring will be held from 3:30-4:30. Math will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and all other subjects will be on Wednesday. There will be a virtual tutoring option through google meet for virtual students. On campus students will be expected to attend in-person tutoring. Any student who is currently interested in tutoring, or thinks they will be interested at any time throughout the year, should join the PHS Math Tutoring google classroom, using code 3dwagss and the PHS Literacy Tutoring google classroom using code wycakwu. Any virtual students interested in tutoring must join the google classroom to have access to the meet codes. Just like your regular classes, tutoring will have a different meet code each day. For tutoring questions, please email Mrs. Murray at 


😄🎉😎 19 Days until Summer 😀🎉😎

***Are you interested in playing Tennis…. Any boy or girl that will be in grades 9-12 that would like to play tennis next year please contact Coach Eddington.  Either go by in person (Room 313 at jr high) or send him an email at

Swim Team: Please turn in your swim stuff - towel, parka, warm up pants, warm up jacket, and backpack/bag.  Turn in to the high school office or to Sara Frazier at Alma Spikes.

CHEERLEADERS:  PHS cheer uniforms and warm ups need to be turned in ASAP. Please make sure they are in a bag with your name on it. You can leave them in the complex by the cheer desk or take them to Mrs. Nead.

10th and 11th graders!!

Are you interested in BRTC's CTC Program (formerly TOPSS) next year??  If so, please complete the CTC Program Interest Form at this link as soon as possible. 

BRTC Summer Class Schedule & Application! Mrs. Hampton has emailed each student information and applications for any BRTC courses (online or on BRTC campus).  Registration will open on April 5th and forms are due back to Mrs. Hampton by May 21st. 

******Congratulations to Kelsie Ogden and Rob Mason for being selected for the 2021 Governor's Scholastic Honors Day.  You can view the Honors Day video here to see both of our PHS graduates honored!  Rob (at 39:27) & Kelsie (at 44:49)

Senior Semester Testing Schedule:

May 5th - Periods 1, 4, and 5

May 6th - Periods 2 and 6

May 7th - Periods 3 and 7

AP Testing Schedule: 

All tests start at 8 am so students need to arrive at 7:30. These will be held at the Baptist and Methodist churches on Thomasville. Students should check their email for details as to which location for their testing. 

May 4th - AP Calculus

May 5th - AP Literature

May 6th - AP US History (APUSH)

May 7th - AP Chemistry

May 10th - AP World

May 12th - AP Language

May 14th - AP Biology 

Monday, May 3rd

Please keep the Hampton family and our PHS family in your prayers 🙏 Rest in Peace Morgan   “There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone... the light remains” 🌟


10th grade ACT Aspire make up testing in the library… report directly to the library

Tuesday, May 4th

10th grade ACT Aspire make up testing in the library… report directly to the library


State Track Meet in Nashville, AR…. GOOD LUCK TEAM !!! 

Wednesday, May 5th

Senior semester testing for 1st, 4th and 5th periods

State Track Meet in Nashville, AR…. GOOD LUCK TEAM !!! 

May 5th thru 8th- Regional Baseball Tournament

Thursday, May 6th

Senior semester testing for 2nd and 6th periods

May 6th thru 8th- Regional Softball Tournament 

Friday, May 7th

Senior semester testing for 3rd and 7th periods


The first wave of the Academic Challenge Scholarship has been released. Please log into your YOUniversal account and accept the award!



Seniors - Sending BRTC Transcripts to Colleges -   Any of you who have taken concurrent credit or CTC courses through BRTC, and plan to continue on to a different college this fall, will need to send your transcript to that college in order to receive credit for those BRTC classes. This is something that only you can do!!!   Follow the link below to order: 



DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL AFTER GRADUATION so that all of your courses from this semester are on the transcript. 

Transcript processing does require a small fee:

Electronic Transcripts:  $5.25

Mailed Transcripts:  $4.25

Hold for pickup, at BRTC Pocahontas only:  $2.00


Senior Awards and Graduation Plans 2021

Senior Awards Night

-May 11, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

-Location - MDW Gym

-Seniors will be given an invitation if they are receiving an award (Mrs. Hampton will email you            and you may come to the high school to pick up your invitation)

-Tickets - 4 tickets will be given for guests (seniors do not have to have a ticket)

- These will be included in your invitation

-Guests under 1 year of age do not need a ticket to attend

- You will receive an email if any extra tickets are available to pick up closer to May 11th.

-Social Distancing is required -BRING YOUR MASK!!!

- You will need to wear your mask walking in, as well as during group photos. 

-Event should be livestreamed on the PHS Youtube Channel (same location as sporting events)

- Student Council VP - recite the pledge

-Student Council President - introduction

- Vals & Sals will be announced at the ceremony (you will need to have a speech written and sent to Mrs. Hampton by Thursday)



Graduation Practice:

-May 14th begins at  2:00 p.m. (arrive by 1:50)

- BRING CAP & GOWN for group photo 

-Will last approximately 1 hour

- Vals & Sals will practice their speech  

-Go directly to Football Stadium bleachers (if it is raining, go to the gym)

-Don’t be late! (if you are late, or forget your cap & gown, you will not be in the class photo)


-Graduation Ceremony - -May 14th at Football Stadium

-Picture forms will be available (for group and diplomas pictures)

-8:00 pm to start graduation

-Seniors arrive no later than 7:50

-Must be lined up by 7:50 (report to the Math & Science Hallway--enter at Student 


- You will be assigned to a classroom and will not be allowed to leave that room until we 

line up. 



-Seniors do not need a ticket for themselves.

-Seniors will be given 11 tickets for guests 

-CHECK YOUR EMAIL for initial and extra ticket release.  THEY ARE NOT 


 If you do not pick up your tickets in a timely manner, they will be released to those  needing extra.

  • You will not be given extra tickets if you lose yours

  • You are welcome to give friends your extra tickets 

  • Guests under 1 year of age do not need a ticket. 

-Social Distancing will be required


-Event - Live Streamed (On PHS YouTube Channel)


In Case of RAIN!

-Graduation will be moved to the gym.

-There will be two groups of seniors.

-1st group will graduate at 6:30 p.m. (last names A-M)

-2nd group will graduate at 8:00 p.m. (last names M-Z)

-Valedictorians, Salutatorians, and Class President will attend both ceremonies. 

- Families will attend the ceremony that the senior graduates.


GRADES/End of Year Requirements

-Graduation requirements must be met.

-Must pass all required courses and electives.

- Mrs. Stewart has emailed some of you regarding completion of the Senior Graduation Google Form and the Xello Student Success Plan. 

- Youniversal Scholarship link : 

- You need to bring a copy of your BRTC transcript to the high school by May 10th. 

- If you have Completer questions, email Mrs. Stewart


  • There will be no senior walk through Alma Spikes due to COVID restrictions

  • Will there be a Baccalaureate??

    • This is a student-led event.  Mrs. Grooms will be meeting with your class president later this week.  She will be informing you of any plans. 

  • Kindergarten graduation is no longer the same night as PHS graduation. 

  • Athletic Banquet will be held at 6:00 pm Monday, May 10th.  Questions regarding tickets or anything else need to be directed to Coach Baty. 

  • Mrs. Hampton will send your final PHS transcript to your college of choice if you have completed the Senior Graduation Plan.

  • If you have taken BRTC classes for concurrent credit, ONLY YOU can send your transcript to your college of choice.  Link: 


SENIOR PORTRAIT BANNERS:  Project Graduation will be doing Senior portrait banners for the Class of '21.  However, they MUST send a picture to Elizabeth Ballard at  Anyone who has not  sent a picture should do so ASAP.  It is also important to note that however you list your name is how it will be printed.  Some want middle names, others don't and  that is fine.  List it how you want it printed on the banner.  There is NO CHARGE to seniors or their parents, however, donations are being accepted to help cover the cost.  


~~Seniors to send transcripts/test scores when applying for college, complete this PHS Transcript/Scores Release Request in Google Drive.  Fill out information completely and Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Hampton will send the documents for you.  See the Shot Record Release Form attachment from Mrs. Stewart to get your shot records sent as well. Return shot record release forms to or the PHS nurse's office.



Stephanie Hampton, PHS Counselor-  (870) 892-4573 ext. 4004

Lindsay Stewart, PHS Career Coach -   (870) 892-4573 ext. 4013 


Seniors, don't forget to regularly check out our PHS Counselor & Career Coach page for upcoming scholarship deadlines.  You can find the scholarships page by clicking on seniors>financial aid>scholarship/contestsScroll down the page to see the list of scholarships by deadline to apply.

Sidenote:  If you come across a page that says "you don't have permission to view" or a bad link, please let Mrs. Hampton know.    :)  


ALL STUDENTS:  Please visit the PHS Counselor and Career Coach Webpage for regularly updated information! You can also find this link on the Pocahontas School District Website>Schools>Pocahontas High School>Menu>Staff>Stephanie Hampton or Lindsay Stewart.  PARENTS:  If you would also like access to the PHS Counselor and Career Coach Webpage, please click on this link and request access or send an email to Mrs. Hampton or Mrs. Stewart requesting access.


SENIORS & PARENTS:  This link will take you to a 6-minute financial aid mini workshop (Zoom webinar) titled Paying for College: Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes Parents Make. View the full-hour webinar here: Beat the High Cost of College!   

***Mrs. Stewart has 20 copies of the ACT workbook by Mastery Prep available to check out in her office in the library. This would be a great resource if you are registered to take the ACT test. 


ACT Test Dates:   Registration Deadline

June 12th May 7th

July 17th June 18th 

  • These tests are taken at an off-site location (most PHS students choose to take it at BRTC) on various dates.

  • Students in the 11th or 12th grade who qualify for free and/or reduced lunches, may receive an ACT Fee Waiver code! Students, request an ACT waiver code here.



May 10th- Athletic Awards will be held @ 6:00 in the MD Williams Gym. 

May 11th- PHS Senior Awards will be held @ 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the MD Williams Gym



May 12th thru 15th- State Tournament


May 13th thru15th- State Tournament - TBA