Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer!  Rest, relax, have fun and make some memories!  We look forward to seeing everyone this fall! 


Class of 2022 Seniors!  June 9th & 10th- Summer Senior Composite Pictures…  Please go onto to confirm your summer appointment or to reschedule your appointment. It is very important to do so as we will only have one retake day in the Fall (September 22nd) . A minimum of cap and gown composite pictures are required for the yearbook and the composite board.  You can look up your code by searching by school then by typing city and state on .  There is a $15 sitting fee for each student.  Please pay online at or bring payment the day of in the form of cash or check.  They cannot accept debit/credit cards onsite.  

Yearbooks are here!!!  They can be picked up in the office during the week from 8:00 - 4:00.   Students who did not pre-order can purchase yearbooks for $45 (cash or checks payable to Pocahontas High School) in the office. 

Report cards are available for viewing on HAC. If a hard copy is needed please contact the office.  HAC will be closed on June 7th for the summer and will not reopen until the first day of school on Wednesday, August 18th.  

Academic Awards: Students who have received awards have been sent an email notifying them.  Please stop by the office to pick up your award. 

Library books are due!  Please return them to the office or if you have lost the book please see the office for a replacement cost. Students who have books out have been sent an email. 

CHROMEBOOKS/CHARGERS/HOT SPOTS ARE DUE AND SHOULD BE TURNED IN TO THE OFFICE! Students who do not turn in items will be charged replacement costs as per signed chromebook agreement form.   

Summer BRTC Classes ---

If you are registered for a BRTC online course this summer, reference this email in order to access your account. 

***Go to and log in with your information in the format below:

***Username:  firstname.middleinitial.lastname (ex. lindsay.b.stewart)

***Password: MMDDYY (ex. 010288)


Once you are logged into the BRTC portal, click on the "Moodle" button  



On the first day of your class, the course you are registered for will be listed on the dashboard. 

Summer I classes begin June 1st.  Payment due May 27th. 

Summer II classes begin July 5th.  Payment is due July 1st.

  • PHS does not handle any BRTC payments

  • To view and pay your account balance, see these instructions.

All Oral Comm classes are ONLINE.  Not in person. 


***You also need to make sure you are checking your BRTC email regularly.  You can access this at the top of the Moodle dashboard.  This is where your professors will communicate with you and general information from BRTC will be sent. 

Cross Country:  Any student in grades 10-12 for the 2021-22 school year that is interested in running cross country should contact Holly Toney at

Tennis:  Any student in grades 9-12 that would like to play tennis next year please contact Coach Eddington.  Either go by in person (Room 313 at jr high) or send him an email at


ACT Test Dates:   Registration Deadline

June 12th ------------

July 17th June 18th 


Graduation Pictures are in!!! If you ordered pictures please stop by the office to pick up.  The office will be open to the public Monday - Thursday from  8:00 - 4:00 p.m.


We do accept cap & gown donations if you would like to donate yours.  Please turn in to the office and we will use these for future graduates who are not able to purchase a cap and gown.   

Seniors - Sending BRTC Transcripts to Colleges -   Any of you who have taken concurrent credit or CTC courses through BRTC, and plan to continue on to a different college this fall, will need to send your transcript to that college in order to receive credit for those BRTC classes. This is something that only you can do!!!   Follow the link below to order: 



DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL AFTER GRADUATION so that all of your courses from this semester are on the transcript. 

Transcript processing does require a small fee:

Electronic Transcripts:  $5.25

Mailed Transcripts:  $4.25

Hold for pickup, at BRTC Pocahontas only:  $2.00


Mrs. Hampton will send your final PHS transcript to your college of choice if you have completed the Senior Graduation Plan.


~~Seniors to send transcripts/test scores to colleges, complete this PHS Transcript/Scores Release Request in Google Drive.  Fill out information completely and Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Hampton will send the documents for you.  See the Shot Record Release Form attachment from Mrs. Stewart to get your shot records sent as well. Return shot record release forms to or the PHS nurse's office.


Seniors, don't forget to regularly check out our PHS Counselor & Career Coach page for upcoming scholarship deadlines.  You can find the scholarships page by clicking on seniors>financial aid>scholarship/contestsScroll down the page to see the list of scholarships by deadline to apply.

Sidenote:  If you come across a page that says "you don't have permission to view" or a bad link, please let Mrs. Hampton know.    :)  


SENIORS & PARENTS:  This link will take you to a 6-minute financial aid mini workshop (Zoom webinar) titled Paying for College: Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes Parents Make. View the full-hour webinar here: Beat the High Cost of College!   



Stephanie Hampton, PHS Counselor-  (870) 892-4573 ext. 4004

Lindsay Stewart, PHS Career Coach -   (870) 892-4573 ext. 4013 


ALL STUDENTS:  Please visit the PHS Counselor and Career Coach Webpage for regularly updated information! You can also find this link on the Pocahontas School District Website>Schools>Pocahontas High School>Menu>Staff>Stephanie Hampton or Lindsay Stewart.  PARENTS:  If you would also like access to the PHS Counselor and Career Coach Webpage, please click on this link and request access or send an email to Mrs. Hampton or Mrs. Stewart requesting access.



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  • Join live sessions in math, exam prep, and more

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As of Monday, April 5, 2021, wearing a mask will be an option and not a requirement in the Pocahontas School District. Wearing a mask is an individual choice for families, staff, and students. The change from mandatory to optional mask wearing will be observed in all classrooms, lunchrooms, hallways, and buses.We expect that acceptance and understanding will be demonstrated to those who choose to continue to wear a mask just as we expect the same for those who choose not to wear a mask.  The Board wants to make it clear that all other COVID-19 safety practices that have been in place will continue. The only safety protocol being addressed by their decision is masks. Masks may still be required at events in other districts in which we are guests. If this is the case, we are expected to follow the rules of the district in which we are visiting.

HAC has a new URL address…  

Make sure that you are not trying to use an old bookmark, icon, or favorite. If you have one of those, delete it and redo them so they have the new (tac20) instead of (tac40) address. If you had the tab/website open before changes were made, you will need to refresh to get to the new site so just close the browser/tab and reopen it.  Your password should work with the new address but there is also a link to reset.  Your new password or an access code will be sent to your email address. This applies for students and parents.  Parents must have an email address listed in order to get into HAC.  For parents who do not have an email address listed, please call the office and we will put your email address into the system so you can access HAC.