Monday,  May 23rd   

Lunch Menu: Pizza, Salad, Carrots, Fruit & Milk

*Student meals (Breakfast & Lunch) are free through the end of the  year w/t exception of extra milk or extra  items. 

May Character Trait:  Commitment 

“The most important element in the failure equation is your personal commitment to keep trying.” - Catherine Pulsifer


REMINDER: Students always be sure to sign in at the office if you come in anytime after the first bell.  You must also always sign out in the office if you leave campus at any time other than the end of the day.  

ABSENCES:  Students should bring notes for absences to the office first thing in the morning the day they return.  Faxed notes come in at the administration office, so please allow a day for delivery to the high school before inquiring about the receipt of faxed notes.  There are often times that faxes are not received due to a transmission error.  Students/parents are encouraged to check with the office or HAC to verify the note has been received/put in attendance.  As students acquire 5 or more absences (excused or unexcused), they will be called to the office so that an administrator can go over the attendance policy, review notes and advise guidance based on the circumstances of their absences.  


The last day to pick up medication from the nurse will be Friday, May 27th.  Medication must be picked up by a parent or guardian. Any medication not picked up by May 27th will be destroyed. 

Report cards will be available for viewing on HAC the afternoon of Friday, May 27th.  Hard copies will be available upon request.  

Track athletes: please turn in uniforms to Coach Casey ASAP!  

PHS Semester Test Schedule

Tuesday, May 24th:

  • 1st Period Exam 

  • 2nd Period Review

  • 3rd Period Review

  • 4th Period Review

  • 5th Period Exam 

  • 6th Period Review

  • 7th Period Exam

Wednesday, May 25th:

  • 1st Period Make Up Exam/Work

  • 2nd Period Make up Exam/Work

  • 3rd Period Exam

  • 4th Period Review

  • 5th Period Make Up Exam/Work

  • 6th Period Exam. 

  • 7th Period Review

Thursday, May 26th:

  • 1st Period Make Up Exam/Work

  • 2nd Period Exam

  • 3rd Period Make Up Exam

  • 4th Period Exam

  • Awards Assembly

  • 6th Period Make Up Exam/Work

  • 7th Period Make Up Exam/Work

Friday, May 27th

  • 1st period Make Up Exam/Work

  • 2nd Period Make up Exam/Work

  • 3rd Period Make up Exam/Work

  • 4th Period Make Up Exam/ Work

  •  Students report to 5th Period Make Up Exams/Work

  • Students report to 6th Period Make Up Exams/Work

  • Students report to 7th Period Make Up Exams/Work

Please understand that your student may NOT check in and out throughout the day.  Students must remain in class for the duration of the exam period, even if they finish their exam early.  Students will not be allowed to check out during the allotted exam times.  Students will be counted tardy and absent on the days they are checked out and/or are not present. 


Return books to the Library or see Mrs. Wren for replacement cost if you no longer have the book. 


Tech will be in the Business Building Wednesday, 5/26 - Friday, 5/27 for check in.   Chromebooks/chargers should be turned in when students are completely finished with semester testing and before they leave for summer break.  Chromebooks and chargers must be returned together.  If a chromebook or charger is not returned, a damage notification form will be sent home with the student and they must return payment by Friday, May 27th.  Students who do not return or pay for lost or damaged devices will result in that student not being able to have an assigned chromebook next school year.  


We are expecting delivery of the yearbook by the end of next week (5/26).. Hopefully delivery goes well and once they have been sorted and reviewed we can begin passing them out on Friday.  We will make an announcement and put it out on social media once we begin passing them out.  

Monday, 5/23

***Students leaving for OM World Finals will turn in their chromebooks Monday, 5/23 at 1:00 in the PJHS Student Center. 

Tuesday, 5/24

Semester Exams - 1st period, 5th period and 7th period

Parent & Family Engagement Meeting at 1:30 @ PJHS Cafeteria - Parents and guardians are  invited to attend.   Topics include the parent and family engagement policy, parent involvement plans, activities, services and programs.  

Wednesday, 5/25

Semester Exams - 3rd period, 6th period

Nurse Camp 2022 - This is a free program held June 22nd -24th for students with an interest in a career in the medical field open to high school students grades 10-12.  Information and applications are in your email from Mrs. Stewart.  Applications due May 25th. 

Thursday, 5/26

Semester Exams - 2nd period, 4th period.

The Academic Assembly will be held in the PHS gym starting at 12:35 following lunch.  

Friday, 5/27

Pocahontas Public Schools will conclude the 2021-2022 school year on Friday, May 27, 2022. Students will return and receive their final report cards in addition to participating in various activities and/or programs at their respective schools. There will be no early dismissal. The staff, administration, and board wish all students an enjoyable summer vacation! 


"PlayVS NBA 2K22 Spring Invitational Tournament. Open to 9-12 grade students. Competition Dates: May16 - May28, 2022. Free. No cost. For more information or to sign up to play, please contact"


Esports - ***NEW GAMES!!***  *Redskin Esports is looking for talented gamers for our program. Titles offered are NBA 2K22, Madden22, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, Rocket League and League of Legends. Must be 13 years old. Must be in 9-12 grades (Varsity) for competitive play against other schools during the school year. We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays afterschool. Year round program. For more information, email

****High School Navigator is a FREE 2022 Summer Young Scholar Program for Middle or high school students that will address not only computer science but also career opportunities in healthcare and other fields. It has no restriction on any income, GPA, or any other categories. Our preference is for Rising 8th Grade or higher.  

~~Beginning July 10 through August 7, 2022, all sessions will be held online and only on Weekends for 4-6 Hours ( 2-3 hrs. on each weekend day during the afternoon). Our brochure is available on the registration page.

~~Registration for our FREE 2022 Summer Young Scholar Program is now open. In the registration form, we'll collect a list of topics that students are interested in, and we'll do our best to include as many as feasible in the program. Current students from Several Universities will also join to share their experiences about campus, their majors and answer any participant questions.  Last year, over 250 students from across the country enrolled in the program, and all recordings are available on our website.  We are also sharing a monthly newsletter where some more free open opportunities are shared and can help the students. There are no fees for utilizing any of the features on our websites because they are all run by students who want to serve their peers. 

HS Navigator Team   

  HS Navigator Flyer

Reminder - No Phone Zone:  It is illegal and unsafe to talk or manipulate a phone while operating a vehicle in a school zone.  Officers will be on the lookout for this offense and will write citations if seen. 


Math Tutoring will be in the Student Center Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday weekly from 3:30-4:30. We can also help with ACT prep.

Tuesday: Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Huffman

Wednesday: Mrs. Murray and Mr. Steele

Thursday: Mrs. Murray and Mr. Steele


Literacy Tutoring will be in the Student Center with Mrs. Bass on Tuesday and Thursday weekly from 3:30-4:30. She can help with anything text-based: Science, History, English, ACT Prep, etc. 

As we get this school year underway please keep school dress code policies in mind:  

1.       Students are not to wear hats, caps, sock hats, sweatbands (head), pajamas, house shoes, hoods of hoodies, blankets, bandanas and/or sunglasses in the buildings. Exceptions must be approved by the principal.

2.       Tops, shirts, blouses (boys and girls) must cover the front, back, and sides of the upper body. Clothing deemed distracting, revealing, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise disruptive is not permitted. This includes: exposed midriffs, halter/tank tops, spaghetti straps, and see-through shirts, tops or blouses even with a camisole worn underneath. Sleeveless top straps must be at least 2 inches in width (short side of a credit card).

3.       Shorts, skirts and dresses must be of sufficient length. Sufficient length is defined as six inches above the knee (length of a dollar bill) or at a length in which the longest finger does not touch skin while the arms rest naturally at one’s side.

4.       Form fitting pants/shorts (i.e. Spandex, leggings, yoga pants, etc.) may be worn under, or as clothing, as long as the top/shirt is no shorter than the acceptable length for shorts, skirts, or dresses.

5.       In clothing with rips, holes, or tears, the rips, holes and tears should be at a level equal to or below the level for skirts, dresses, and/or shorts. See above for the required length.

6.       Pants are to be worn at the waistline, “sagging” is not allowed.

7.       Clothing, accessories (book bags, jewelry, hats, etc.), or body art that displays vulgar, obscene or otherwise inappropriate symbols, language, double-meaning, or makes reference to alcohol, tobacco, or other illegal substances are not permitted.

8.       During the regular school day, students’ athletic attire such as tennis, track, cheerleading, etc. must conform to all other regulations of the dress code.

Parking for students is first come first served.   ALL students who drive and park on campus must purchase a parking pass for $3.00 from the office.  Student parking is the area between the softball and baseball fields, the lot next to the business building  and the row with the curb that is front and back.  Please do not park by the sidewalk in front of the building, the small lot on the side of the business building or next to the cafeteria; those areas are for faculty parking and for visitors.  

Students: At no time should you take food to the bathroom to eat.  Second chance breakfast should be taken back to the classroom and lunch should be eaten in the cafeteria or other designated areas for lunches.  

Attention Band Students:  You are not allowed to eat lunch in the band room.  You may only go to the band room at lunch with written permission and AFTER you have eaten lunch.  

Lunch Group 1:  10:50 - 11:30 - Classes dismissed to lunch listed below:

A. Baltz, Blalock, Bradley, Brooks, Crismon, Crutcher, Hackworth, D. Hall, Henderson, Hudson, Huffman, Lange, A. Lynch, Moffett, Sullinger,  Wardlow, Washburn

Lunch Group 2:  11:50 - 12:30 - Classes dismissed to lunch listed below:

S. Baty, Coach Baty, Coach Brewington, Casillas, Melanie Inman, Kazzee, Murray, Nead, Phelps, Shelton, Stewart, Welch

Covid Point of Contact: If you have any questions or covid related information to report please contact Charla Cusson @ 870-810-7409 (primary #), 870-892-4573 ext. 5035 (secondary #) or by email at   If she is unable to answer your call please leave a voicemail and she will return your call as soon as possible.  

- Please remember if a person is under quarantine or tests positive for covid, you may not attend any school events on campus. 

**In an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus within our staff and student body we are asking all parents/guardians, and all employees to notify our designated Point of Contact immediately when the following occurs: 

  • Someone in the household has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Someone in the household has been identified as a Close Contact to a positive case of COVID-19 and is requiring quarantine and/or recommended to be tested for COVID-19.

  • Students attending on-site and employees who are being tested for COVID-19.  If symptomatic, student/staff should remain in quarantine pending results of their COVID-19 test.

Please call Charla Cusson at 870-810-7409, or email information to


As of 2/11/22, after careful consideration and review of Governor Hutchinson’s statement on February 1, 2022, the Pocahontas School District has made the decision to change our Covid-19 guidelines to the following: If an individual tests positive, they will need to isolate for a minimum of five (5) days and they are permitted to return on day six (6) with a mask (worn appropriately at all times) for the remainder of their ten (10) day isolation period. Preschool students who test positive will continue to isolate for ten (10) days. If a student is considered a probable close contact (PCC), their parents will be contacted so they may monitor for symptoms. Should they develop symptoms, they are to stay home and get tested at an appropriate time. Individuals who are considered as possible close contacts (PCC’s), but who do not have symptoms, will no longer be immediately quarantined. This approach aligns with long-standing practices and policies that districts have used when responding to our other contagious diseases. We will continue to focus on mitigation strategies and practices that have worked in our district so far. This will include social distancing, isolating positive cases, and additional cleaning and disinfecting. We will also continue to monitor positive case numbers and update the Board each week in case a change is needed. 

Masks are optional as of 2/11/22 with the exception of circumstances as noted above.  


Stephanie Hampton, PHS Counselor-  (870) 892-4573 ext. 4004

Lindsay Stewart, PHS Career Coach -   (870) 892-4573 ext. 4013 


ALL STUDENTS:  Please visit the PHS Counselor and Career Coach Webpage for regularly updated information! You can also find this link on the Pocahontas School District Website>Schools>Pocahontas High School>Menu>Staff>Stephanie Hampton or Lindsay Stewart.  PARENTS:  If you would also like access to the PHS Counselor and Career Coach Webpage, please click on this link and request access or send an email to Mrs. Hampton or Mrs. Stewart requesting access.


Add Mrs. Stewart on Instagram and/or Facebook for updates on college and careers!  Follow at  brtc_phscareercoach. Install the app to follow photos and videos.


College Days!!!  Seniors are allowed two college days and Juniors are allowed one college day (during 2nd semester).  Students must meet attendance criteria, meet with the counselor prior to visit, obtain a college day form from the office prior to the visit and provide written verification from the visit to the high school office upon their return to school the following day.  

ACT Test Date

Regular Registration Deadline

Late Registration Deadline


June 11, 2022

May 6

May 20

July 16, 2022

June 17

June 24

** 2021-2022 ACT cost is $60 (no writing) and $85 (with writing). Juniors or Seniors who receive Free/Reduced lunches qualify for ACT fee waivers.  Please see Mrs. Hampton. 


Juniors… If you took the ACT on March 1st at PHS, your scores are now available to view in your account!  Just click on  'MyACT Sign In' at the top right corner of the page.

If you already have an ACT account, or if you linked the March ACT with your previous account (with Mrs. Phelps during 7th hour on the day of testing), you will use that login information.  

  • If you can log in, but your March scores are not there, see Mrs. Hampton.

  • If you have never logged into or created an account, you will use your school email address as your login.  Just click on 'Forgot Password' and enter your PHS email address.  It will email you a link to reset your password. 

DO NOT create a new account! That will create multiple accounts (that will not show all of your scores), and it will require you to contact ACT to request a merge of the two accounts. 


Reminder on how to pay for your BRTC concurrent credit classes…

Payment is due the Thursday prior to classes starting therefore:

Summer I (June) due May 26th

Summer II (July) due June 30th

Fall Semester due August 12th


●PHS does not handle any payments or money for BRTC courses. 

○Students can pay online through their myBRTC portal with a debit card, credit card, or an electronic check.

■Default Username:  firstname.middleinitial.lastname 

■Default Password:    Date of Birth (MMDDYY)

●Students are responsible for purchasing any required textbooks, online programs, or other materials required for BRTC courses. Check the Book List on BRTC’s Bookstore page before each course begins.


**If you have not used a college day this semester, AND you are not over on absences, you may speak to Mrs. Dianna about a College Day form to possibly attend an appointment with an excused absence. You must do this prior to attending the appointment. 



Seniors: Mrs. Stewart  has emailed a Google form for your FINAL Transcript release.  This must be completed so we can send the transcript to the college(s) of your choice.  If you do not complete the form, your final transcript will not be sent.  All colleges require your final high school transcript to be on file for fall enrollment.  

FAFSA ( and YOUniversal ( are open.  These applications will need to be completed to qualify for ANY state or federal aid. 

FAFSA Checklist

Seniors… The Arkansas Department of Education has released the awards for the Arkansas Challenge, Governors, and Workforce Scholarships.  Please log into your YOUniversal account and accept these as soon as possible.  You may access the YOUniversal login page at this link 

If you cannot remember your email or password, there is a "forgot username or password" link you can click on to retrieve them.  While in your account, make sure you have selected the correct college that you will be attending in the fall.   

If you log in and your scholarships still says "Eligibility Pending", it is because of one of the following reasons:

  • You do not have an ACT superscore of 19 or 246 ACCUPLACER average OR

  • You have not completed your FAFSA; This must be completed before July 1st or you will not receive any scholarship money from the state

If neither of these are correct, it's possible there is a glitch in the system and something is not populating like it should.  See Mrs. Stewart if that is the case.